Everyday Things

by Rachel Wagner

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released August 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Rachel Wagner Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Everyday Things
Everyday things are stacked by the door
And each time I walk by I pick up one more
To add to my shoulders, to add to my sack
And I trudge through the day
Without looking back

These everyday things...

Everyday things are rolling around
Like a bunch of loose marbles all over the ground
I'm stepping around them but I slip and fall
Deeper into myself and I am
buried by all of these

Everyday things...

But there's a heartbeat of something simple
There's a rhythm in the wind
There's a singing deep inside me
That has come to life again

Everyday things....
Track Name: Driving Away
I'm driving away
wishing that I'd been more gracious
I'm driving away
wishing that I'd been more kind
Wondering why my words won't float
across the room
Wondering when my tongue will untie
I hope it's soon

I'm driving away
with all the things that I said
Spinning around here
in my head
I never know
Just what to say
Until I am
Driving away...
Track Name: Changes
The smell of autumn's on the wind
And there is pain inside the change
And there is life inside the dying
And it all makes me feel so strange
The rain applauds up in the trees
And now it's singing down to me
That this turning must begin
And the cold soaks through my skin

And You're asking me to breathe the water
Find a vision in the black
Hear a song that's not been written
Know there is no turning back

Wishing the water would still a bit
Let this shore rest awhile
But still I spin beneath these waves
Hold on to me for this ride
I'm always afraid of one more thing
And I feel just like a child
As all the memories flood on me
And all my dreams are running wild

And You're asking me to breathe the water...

Help me see You in this black
Hear the song that You have written
With You there's no turning back
Track Name: Crazy Friend
She will be fine in a while
Just let her sit and recover from falling
Shovel the snow or get out the hoe and
start your gardening

Soon she will bury her pride and
She will start crawling back into life again
And there you'll be with flowers in hand
"you're crazy for stickin' around", she says

Crazy friend...you're crazy my friend

You're standing on top of the frozen ice
Fearing the chill of what might live below it
Wondering if you could survive
The deep cold water

That's when you see the patches of light
And all of the freezing fear melting away
Cause here she comes with flowers in hand
Warm and laughing....you say...

Crazy friend...you're crazy my friend....
Track Name: Train Yard
So this sadness is coming again
And this all is so familiar
Wanting to be right where I am
Wanting to be anywhere but here...

I intended, expected
Something different from this
I knew it would not be easy
But I did not ask for this mess

But love in the train yard is dirty business
There's no shiny engines here
Just oily perseverence

And what do I do
When You ask me to
And there's nothing in me that can?

There is ash all over my hands
And there is soot all over my plans
This is such an unnatural place to stand

'Cause love in the train yard....

You reach down now
With grace and somehow
What was impossible is happening...

But love in the train yard is still dirty business
There's no shiny engines here
Just oily brown...smokey black...dusty...grimy...
Track Name: Wrinkles
I'm waiting with the iron
and some wrinkled shirts of yours
and soon you'll be pulling in the drive
I'll stop the pressing and
I'll meet you at the door and
somehow we'll both feel more alive

First a collar, then a sleeve
I breathe in the steam and then
feel the whispering evening

These moments are the wrinkles
in my memory and
these moments are what's real....

We're sitting at the table
All the kids are in bed and
we watch the cream clouding
in your coffee
My tired eyes are mesmerized
after days filled with babies and laundry
you say...
"sing for me", and...
I fly again...
Track Name: Knots
See the knot there, in the middle?
There's the heart of it all
There's the longing
Where I'm crying:
"Hold it together now...
Hold on tighter..."

See the knot there, in the center?
There are things that just won't change or
there are things that just don't want to...
Don't untie me
How could you ask me to?

Oh this is my undoing
This is You untying me...

See the knot there, in the middle?
Watch now as it falls apart
See me hoping for more than
Raw flesh beneath and
around it all...

See the knot there, in the center?
Loosen it so carefully
There you're working
Skillful fingers pulling as You
Set me free

Oh this is my undoing
This is You untying me...

Oh I know this must be done again
These ropes are burning my hands
So I hold them out to You and
Close my eyes as You begin...

Oh this is my undoing
This is you untying me...
Track Name: April
It's a cold and cloudy April
I thought that it was spring
But winter has its fingers
Reaching into everything

And the ants have all come inside
'Cause outside it's pouring rain
And here I'm fighting with God
Over things I can't explain

Oh April, where are you?
I'm feeling cold today
But I know you get what you get
And there's nothing left to say

And I can see some dead trees
standing tall against the sky
And I'm feeling kind of lonely
Like those branches way up high

And I'm waiting for the sunshine
To make everything clear
And here I am still looking
For some color to appear...
Track Name: Remembering
Noises all be gone
This is who I am
Singing still, naked here I stand
Completely known
But wondering
What You are remembering

Like rainy afternoons
And singing in my room
And long walks in the spring
And hating waitressing

The sound of breaking dreams
And letting go of things
And how I always see
The darkest things in me

Listen, I hear You tell me who I am
Every detail You understand
I'm completely known
It's amazing
What you are remembering

Like writing poetry
And midnight monopoly
And two a.m. feedings
And all my worryings
And all the questions why
And trying not to cry
And how I need to see
How You remember me
Track Name: On the Line
You call me
Just to say...just to say
Hi and I love you...

And I'm desperate to keep you on the line
Oh please don't say goodbye

Amy saw the bushes growing
And I broke a dish this morning

And I'm desperate to keep you on the line
Oh please don't say goodbye...

It's time for you to go now
But you don't know
how your voice soothes me

And I'm desperate to keep you on the line
Oh please don't say goodbye

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